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My diploma thesis as an illustrator was a children's book.
After graduation, I illustrated over 100 children's books, all of which were commissioned works for publishers. Only two of them were really drawn the way I wanted them to be.
After that I became a photographer for 20 years and only took pictures the way I thought was right for myself.
In the meantime, I illustrate parallel to photography.
Now it happens mostly digitally, and I live my own style here too.

- the poetry of being

- dreaming.

More Pictures coming soon.

For over 12 years have been working as a photographer with parents who have lost their child before it was born or shortly after, for over 2 years I have been working on an art-project for (and with) them.
I have now met well over a hundred women in this work, who have talked to me not only about the loss of their child, but also about what they dream about in the time before and after.
I am amazed at how similar these dreams are often.
To my happy amazement, they often contain much comfort as well.
It sometimes seems as if the child really can talk to the mother.
I don't know if this is really so, but wouldn't that be wonderful?

in the coming weeks I would like to show you the pictures that were painted during the project and at the end also tell you what the project itself is.


- loved.

Old people who share many years together know a lot about love.
Not the love you know from fleeting infatuation, but what happens when you slowly grow together.
Some share with enthusiasm a monotonous life, some experience adventures together.
These couples no longer care what the people around them think about them. They live what was able to grow in their partnership.

- the legendary grannie gang.

Welcome to the legendary GranniesGang! 
Muscled Superheroes save the world? 
That was yesterday! 

This is a gang that doesn’t want to deal with individual villains.
These girls have realized what it’s all about: 
If we want to change the world, we don’t have to punch fictional criminals in the face, but rather actively stand up for disadvantaged individuals.
Often, there are women and children who are at the forefront of these individuals.
The Goodham Grannies want to change that.
They are an organisation of globally connected women who officially live in nursing homes, but have banded together in a secret organization that meets whenever caregivers aren’t looking.