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My diploma thesis as an illustrator was a children's book.
After graduation, I illustrated over 100 children's books, all of which were commissioned works for publishers. Only two of them were really drawn the way I wanted them to be.
After that I became a photographer for 20 years and only took pictures the way I thought was right for myself.
In the meantime, I illustrate parallel to photography.
Now it happens mostly digitally, and I live my own style here too.

- the poetry of being -

- dreaming.

Who knows insomnia, knows what it means to miss dreaming.
In these pictures I try to express how it feels to dream. You fly through impossible worlds. And if you are lucky, it actually feels like flying.

- loved.

Old people who share many years together know a lot about love.
Not the love you know from fleeting infatuation, but what happens when you slowly grow together.
Some share with enthusiasm a monotonous life, some experience adventures together.
These couples no longer care what the people around them think about them. They live what was able to grow in their partnership.


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If you have any question or want to buy a fine art print, please contact me.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage!

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